Manage your Money without spoiling Relationships


We keep chasing money to buy happiness. And why not? Money is very very important to meet your life goals – be they success, happiness, freedom to live life your own way or help others with charity goals.

Managing money involves managing people. The two are closely interlinked.

There are a few personality traits or tendencies which create conflicts in connection with money.

1. Chasing superiority

2. De-prioritising relationships (Money makes you meaner, as Prof. Raj Raghunathan explains so lucidly in the video. Link given below)

3. Becoming overly controlling. Egos get inflated very fast with that big house, big car or corner office.

And yet, everybody does not show these traits equally in relation to money. So, it is something else, which we keep trying to decipher.

It is about individual propensities, which certain people display more than others.

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Let us examine what is happening in your personal and professional relationships.

  • How often do you look into each other’s eyes while discussing money?
  • Do credit card bills give you a shock?
  • Do you discuss money with your children?
  • Is it difficult to get expense approvals from your boss?

If there is a conflict, it happens due to different personality types.

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Find how to do so by discovering Four Personality Types, and how to manage their money behaviour.

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  • What hinders your money progress?
  • Four personality Types and their behaviour traits
  • Personality Combinations
  • How to manage each of these personality types? It could mean working on yourself too.

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4 thoughts on “Manage your Money without spoiling Relationships

  1. This is more of behavior psychology. Relationship is defined, money has to be invested in correct asset class based on your preference and longevity. Overall information is worth the time. Kudos to you.

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