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    Click on the link to return to your account on MoneyGoalz, and create your profile.
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    Your account is now personalized.
    You can now
  •  Check Your Financial Quotient
  •  Download a free E-book
    Contact a financial advisor, by clicking on your specified goal.
  •  You will see a list of financial advisors. Choose one.
  •  Clicking on Call Now, will show you the advisor’s phone number on bottom left.
  •  Clicking on Send an Email, will show you the advisor’s email id on left bottom.
  •  Clicking on Direct Message will generate an email to the advisor. The advisor can choose to come online and chat with you. However, the online availability of the advisor is not guaranteed. You can choose to leave a message with your contact details. You can raise a the query here, request an appointment or schedule a discussion on Phone/Skype.
  •  Payment details for consultation or otherwise need to be discussed with the advisor.
    MoneyGoalz is not a party to the transactions between client and advisor.

To log out, you need to click on the Log out button, on top and then ‘Confirm and log out’.


  •  Click on Empanel with Us.
  •  If you are not registered with us, the link will take you to the registration page.
  •  Complete registration as per directions given.
  •  Again, click on Empanel with Us.
  •  You can choose one of the categories listed, and click on it.
  •  Choose a package. The benefits are listed there.
  •  Click on “Buy a Package”.
  •  It will take you to the Instamojo screen, where you can make the payment.
  •  You will receive mails to confirm that your order has been received, confirmed and completed.
  •  You can now create your profile on the MoneyGoalz site.
  •  On completion, you will receive an email saying that your listing has been approved and published.
  •  You are free to list your profile in more than one category.
  •  You will now start receiving calls/emails/messages from potential clients who need your help.
  •  You can choose to engage with our site users in Direct Message mode and resolve some queries to showcase your expertise and build up a rapport.
  •  In case of a problem in creating your profile, you can mail us at

If you wish to submit a blog, you can mail the article to us at The ideal length is 800-1000 words, but blogs in the range of 500-1000 words will be considered for publication. You can submit a short paragraph up to 100 words, about yourself/your company,
which will be published with the blog.

MoneyGoalz reserves the right to accept or reject a blog. We can also edit it to improve visibility on search engines. A suitable mail will be sent to you about the acceptance or non-acceptance