Deprogram Spending

You are not aware how deeply programmed you are.

It started soon after your birth – every response, every feedback, the twitch of an eyebrow, gaze of onlookers, applause, ridicule, criticism- has made you whatever you are today. Face the facts, all these people did not have your best interests at your heart – because they did not know what you want or don’t want to be.

Aren’t you carrying a lot of garbage in your personality – things that you should have shed long back?

What is it that you love doing? Something that has got you positive strokes in the past.

What is it that scares you? Something you or your friends/family have never tried before, something you’ve been told is risky or useless, something that induces guilt of not adhering to an installed principle…

Have you heard of terms like Excellence Installation, Personal Transformation, connecting with energies within or without, breaking the glass ceiling etc.?

What do these coaches do?

They make you walk over red hot coal – literally and figuratively. Eat that leaf, sing a song if you think you’ve never done it before, take your first dance steps.

Do you need to pay huge amounts to achieve this?

Take that first step today – do something that has created discomfort in the past.

Take a cab or bus, if you’ve been driving a fancy car. Cook a healthy meal at home, and invite friends over. Exercise at home, instead of going to the gym.

Did it once? Do it again, and again – till the discomfort disappears.

Click pictures and post it on social media.

Take note of positive feedback – for your adaptability, culinary skills or the glow on your skin.

Pics of restaurants and holidays generate envy. Your effort generates appreciation (How do you do it, mate?)

You have successfully changed your lifestyle.

Now, check your bank statements after three months. How much have you saved?

Calculate returns on a monthly investment of that amount. Apply the power of compounding.

There you are …. on the path to financial wellness.

There is no guilt about the missed EMI.

There is no fear about what shocks the future might bring.

You have a plan in place, and you are prepared to meet the future.

You are de-programmed. You are being yourself. You are living the life you are meant to live.

You are free of slavery to borrowed concepts.

Is it as scary as it appeared to be in the beginning?

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