MoneyGoalz is a solopreneur venture, and a Mission to change Money Mindsets.

A professional banker (me – Reena Saxena) who managed relationships with retail clients, HNIs, NRIs and institutions knew that money gives leverage and bargaining power. The people behind bank statements are more important.

There is a story behind each page we read in financial statements, that speaks volumes about

  • values
  • goals
  • priorities
  • commitment

Undergoing coach training and NLP Master Practitioner Certification gave me a perspective – frameworks that I could put on experience to understand why things are the way they are. Why do certain people reach a goalpost and beat records, and why are there many others who don’t? What are the blocks and methodologies to overcome those blocks?

I trained young bankers, international students, change-makers running NGOs, mid-career professionals in different phases of transition, and zeroed down on a few elements that lie at the core of Money Management.

Managing ourself

Overcoming fear

No to comparison

Ends always matter

Young starter benefits


Outsourcing what you can’t do




The final outcome of my quest for a purpose is MoneyGoalz. I like to see it as part of a journey, not a final destination. There should always be space to grow, to evolve and keep adding companions.

MoneyGoalz will focus on both

hardware (how the system operates)


software (how the mind operates in  money matters)

Welcome to the journey!


I am a MMS (Finance) from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and a former banker with 25 years experience. A journey that started with Central Bank of India as a Probationary Officer ended with IndusInd Bank, as Product & Strategy Head of the Government Business Group.

I am a financial coach, banking trainer and entrepreneur in Version 2.0.